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  • Five new ways to catch gravitational waves
  • Mastering System Design: A Comprehensive Guide to System Scaling for Millions ( Part 1 | Part2 )
  • AI is already wreaking havoc on global power systems…By 2034, global energy consumption by data centers is expected to top 1,580 TWh, about as much as is used by all of India.
  • AI to boost datacenter capex by 28.5% and become the top server workload
  • How AI Revolutionized Protein Science, but Didn’t End It
  • Report: Department of Homeland Security Report on Reducing the Risks at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence
  • “…Microsoft on Thursday published details about Skeleton Key – a technique that bypasses the guardrails used by makers of AI models to prevent their generative chatbots from creating harmful content…”
  • Apple Vision Pro Launches in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore
  • Hebbia raises nearly $100M Series B for AI-powered document search led by Andreessen Horowitz
  • Google Translate is getting support for more than 110 new languages
  • Fujifilm once struggled to sell cameras. Now, it can’t keep up with demand
  • McDonald’s says no thanks to plant-based burgers
  • DNA-based bacterial parasite uses completely new DNA-editing method
  • Out of Sight, ‘Dark Fungi’ Run the World from the Shadows
  • From bare metal to a 70B model: infrastructure set-up and scripts
  • Code Galaxies