• Google operates one of the world’s biggest networks of computers. But its business of renting time on those computers to others—a concept known as cloud computing—lags far behind Amazon.com Inc. and others.In its latest effort to catch up, Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., is turning to Diane Greene, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who built VMware Inc. into a corporate-computing powerhouse. Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai is giving Ms. Greene unusual authority over the company’s cloud efforts, including oversight of engineering, sales, support and marketing.Her most important role at Google isn’t on the organization chart: teaching Google how to sell to companies. (WSJ)
  • Circle and KoalaSafe block sites, set time limits and keep tabs on your children’s devices
    New devices from Circle and KoalaSafe let you monitor and regulate Internet activity on any device in your home network. (WSJ)




















  • Star Wars Nerd Designs Killer Flags for More Than 100 of the Saga’s Planets (Wired) (Scott Kelly)
  • Samsung’s Bet on Biotechnology,  Its goal: to become the world’s biggest contract manufacturer of biologic drugs—which are made from living cells, blood components and tissue as opposed to chemicals—in order to treat ailments from cancer to arthritis. (WSJ)
  • The chief operating officer, now a No. 2 at the company, is Senior Vice President Jeff Williams, a longtime trusted lieutenant of Chief Executive Tim Cook. (WSJ)
  • The Secret History of World War II-Era Drones (Wired)


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  • Future of Apple (Business Insider Deck)
  • Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius. (Wired)
  • Google’s Verily Is Spinning Off ‘Verb,’ a Secretive Robot-Surgery Startup collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, and it aims to make robots better surgical assistants. (Wired)
  • Lego’s Fantastic New Kits Let You Recreate Skylines Like NYC’s (Wired)
  • Beautiful NASA Visualization Predicts Space Weather Around Pluto (Wired)
  • Atlassian Closes Up 32%, Valuing The Company At $5.8B (TechCrunch)
  • Samsung joins the self-driving car race (Mashable)
  • Augmented Reality Company Magic Leap Raising $827 Million (TechCrunch)
  • tvOS App Store After One Month: 2,624 Apps in Total, Entertainment Apps Most Popular With Consumers (MacRumors)
  • Ford to Invest $4.5 Billion in Electrified Vehicles by 2020





















  • Goodreads Choice Awards, best of 2015
  • NewYork Times The 10 Best Books of 2015
  • Samsung agreed to pay Apple $ 548 million in five-year-long patent dispute (WSJ)
  • Porsche is officially in the race to create a more mainstream electric car industry by the end of the decade. The German company—owned by Volkswagen—says it will spend $1 billion to create the Mission E, an electric that will go from zero to 100 km per hour (62 mph) in 3.5 seconds, travel 300 miles on a single charge, and recharge 80% of its battery in 15 minutes. (QZ)
  • Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature on its social network which allows users to stream live video.(BBC)
  • Google has launched its first wi-fi network in Uganda’s capital Kampala, in 120 key locations.Official statistics show Uganda has about 8.5 million internet users, making up 23% of the population. (BBC)
  • Fake LinkedIn profiles used by hackers (BBC)
  • Microsoft PowerApps, a set of applications that the company described in a job listing as the “next billion dollar business for cloud and enterprise,” is launched
    According to a press release, PowerApps gives developers the ability to build custom native apps that can run across mobile and web.The goal of the service is to let businesses find, and harness, data throughout the organisation — which includes both on-premise and Software-as-a-Service apps — without writing any code. (Business Insider)
  • The best science fiction, as picked by 20 A.I. experts (Business Insider)