• China Is Losing to the U.S. in High-Stakes Battle for Artificial Intelligence Talent
    (With the resignation of Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng, the ability of the country’s tech firms to retain top minds is in question)
  • Ben Evans : The end of smartphone innovation
  • The World’s Largest Artificial Sun Could Help Generate Clean Fuel
  • In the search for a new revenue stream, Twitter is asking users in a survey whether they’d be willing to pay for premium features like analytics, timely news alerts, and tools for composing posts in TweetDeck, an advanced app that’s designed for following multiple streams on the platform.
  • When Fingerprints Are as Easy to Steal as Passwords
    As hackers learn to imitate the body’s unique features, scientists might turn to brainwaves and genomics to verify people’s identities.
  • AMC Networks planning to launch a commercial-free online video streaming service aimed at millennial TV subscribers
  • Netflix will produce more than  70 shows this year.
  • Tesla Model 3 will get a Performance version next year
  • Tesla’s solar roof tiles will be available to order starting in April
  • Facebook finally tests a GIF button for comments
  • Amazon Buys Souq
  • Why American jobs have a higher risk of automation than jobs in Germany, the UK, and Japan
  • Tencent leads the top 25 public game companies with $10.2 billion in revenues
  • Apple confirms acquisition of DeskConnect, the team behind automation app Workflow
  • The AR Landscape
  • Mashape, Creator of Top Open Source API Management Tool Kong, Raises $18M
  • Zenreach raises $30M to help businesses boost their marketing with free Wi-Fi
  • This chart shows how much more expensive ‘brand-safe’ video ads are versus YouTube videos
  • Amazon’s Prime Air make its first public U.S. drone delivery
  • How to use iOS Workflow App


  • The U.S. Air Force picked Elon Musk’s SpaceX to blast a second Global Positioning System satellite into orbit
  • Online grocery market in China in 2016 – $13.1 billion.
    Increase from 2015 – 86%
  • Google’s DeepMind reduced energy needed for cooling its data centres by 40%. Now in talks with UK’s National Grid.
  • It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language
  • Slideshare : AI & The Future of Work
  • Google Tests Waters of Voice Ads on Speaker
  • The 12 Different Ways for Companies to Innovate
  • Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%
  • Chrome 57 restricts background tabs to 1% CPU, prolonging battery life
  • Magnetic storage reaches the atomic level
  • Amazon is invading Apple and Google’s home turf in the war over the future of computing
  • SpaceX is pushing hard to bring the internet to space
  • MuleSoft prices IPO above expected range at $17 per share
  • Netflix is replacing five-star ratings with thumbs up or down
  • Apple gives indie gamers a permanent home on the App Store
  • Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa
  • Uber’s autonomous cars drove 20,354 miles and had to be taken over at every mile, according to documents
  • The Growing Importance of Storytelling in the Business World
  • Nintendo is reportedly doubling Switch production all the way up to 16 million for 2017
  • Netflix’s new button lets you skip your show’s intro sequence
  • Report: Spotify finally gives in, limits some albums to Premium users only
  • Netflix is changing its star ratings to a thumbs up/down system



  • Microsoft to Unveil Version of Windows Server Running on ARM Chips
  • Google Cloud ...Google must build more credibility among corporations wary of running their businesses on the servers of an internet-search company with little experience supporting the technology needs of big companies, other than its own….
  • PS4 4.5 Update Out
  • Blockchain is only as valuable as it is secure.
  • Twitter : No. of companies licensed to trial driverless vehicles in California :
    2015 : 7
    2017 : 27
  • Future of transport How blockchain will enable transactions across the transportation ecosystem
  • The Chinese search giant’s Deep Voice system learns to talk in just a few hours with little or no human interference.
  • Slideshare:  Design in Tech Report 2017
  • Slideshare: Blockchain Trend Report, 2017
  • Storing data in a single atom proved possible by IBM researchers
  • Facebook Messenger’s PM director Martinazzi leaves after launching Day
  • Bitcoin drops 15% after the SEC rejects the Winklevoss ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  • Twitter: Why voice is the future
  • Twitter: Evan Spiegel is Facebook’s head of product.
  • Facebook’s AI Chief: Machines Could Learn Common Sense from Video


  • Twitch will start selling games and giving its streamers a cut
  • PlayStation VR sales reach 915,000 units
  • Google’s YouTube to Launch $35-a-Month Web-TV Service to carry more than 40 networks, including major broadcast and cable channels
  • YouTube Tops 1 Billion Hours of Video a Day, on Pace to Eclipse TV
  • YouTube ditches unskippable 30-second ads
  • Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples
  • Facebook takes aim at Youtube with new standalone TV app
  • Supersmart Robots Will Outnumber Humans Within 30 Years, Says SoftBank CEO
  • MWC 2017: Google Home speaker to launch in UK by June
  • Ford lets passengers stream live TV in-car with the 2018 Expedition
  • Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian government
  • How Are Retailers Using Artificial Intelligence? (Over a third use the technology in search efforts)
  • Mozilla acquires Pocket to gain a foothold on mobile devices
  • Apple Pay is now accepted by 36 percent of merchants in the U.S.
  • Google quietly launches Meet, an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts
  • JPMorgan software does in seconds what took lawyers 360,000 hours
  • Self-Driving-Truck Startups Race to Take On Uber (Embark,Starsky Robotics and Drive.ai)
  • Snapchat Shares Surge 44% in Market Debut
  • Amazon Finds the Cause of Its AWS Outage: A Typo, (Amazon newsletter)
  • Spotify reaches 50 million paying users
  • Gold 2.0 (Bitcoin) Price Now Higher Than Gold 1.0 (Gold)
  • Boston Dynamics’ Handle robot dominates parkour on wheels in new footage