• YouTube adds a new section for displaying additional credits for songs
  • YouTube revamps its Red subscription service to offer standalone music streaming
  • Pluralsight prices its IPO at $15 per share, raising over $300M
  • Google acquires Cask Data to beef up its tools for building and running big data analytics
  • Food delivery’s untapped opportunity
  • Hulu’s mobile and web apps get the new live TV guide, better recommendations and more
  • PayPal will spend $2.2 billion to buy the Square of Europe — iZettle
  • Elon Musk details his plan to rid LA of traffic with $1 rides on the Boring Co. ‘Loop
  • Google Chrome is removing the secure indicator from HTTPS sites in September
  • In Virtual Reality, How Much Body Do You Need?
  • The Verge obtained a leaked copy of an internal Google video that offers a “Black Mirror”-style vision of how data could direct human behavior.
  • Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails with a new feature called Smart Compose
  • California To Require All New Homes To Have Solar Panels Starting In 2020


  • The meaning of the Vision Fund
  • McKinsey. Platform Plays
  • Apple is reportedly working on a new credit card
  • Dropbox said it had more than 500 million registered users of both its free and paid services. (11.5 million paying users, the average revenue per paying user was $114.30, compared to $110.79 for the same period last year.
  • Nvidia…Sales of graphics-processing chips designed for use in data centers soared 71% year over year to $701 million
  • Google’s AI sounds like a human on the phone — should we be worried?
  • Facebook is implementing a massive product reorganization
  • Google I/O Keynote Video  and 15  announcements
  • F8 2018 Sessions
  • Apple is worth $945 billion
  • Klout is shutting down
  • Android P looks exciting, but only about 6% of phones are running the latest version of Android
  • The challenge: Describe programming in five words.
  • Ben Evans: Coming soon – captchas for phone calls.
  • ​SK Broadband rolls out 2.5Gbps internet


  • Why is AT&T trying to buy Time Warner?
    “…Simply put, AT&T is having a hard time retaining customers…They’re in a pricing war with Verizon; cellphone bills keep going down, which is great for us, but not great for the companies. They think, by buying Time Warner, they’ll be able to create new kinds of online video and also sell what’s known as targeted advertising. They’ll marry AT&T’s data with Time Warner’s content and sell ads at a higher rate.”
  • Twitter made more than $287 million from video ads last quarter.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to a $26 billion merger
  • Spotify 2018 Q1
  • Google Kubeflow, machine learning for Kubernetes, begins to take shape
  • Teaching robots to learn how to learn
  • Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation
  • Twitter : Apple Watch update. 46 million sold. User base likely 40 to 43 million


  • Amazon’s new Alexa-powered Dot encourages kids to use the word ‘please
  • Twitter is making money now, so it’s going to start hiring more people
  • Amazon’s newest delivery option for Prime members: Inside their car
  • Google’s smart-home gadget brand generated $726 million in revenue last year.
  • Andreessen Horowitz is preparing to launch a separate fund for crypto investments
  • YouTube Says Computers Are Catching Problem Videos
  • SuitX is bringing down the price of robotic exoskeletons
  • Digital banking startup Revolut raises $250M at a valuation of $1.7B
  • IFTTT raises $24M led by Salesforce to expand its platform to ‘connect everything
  • Nintendo’s annual profit rockets by 500% after selling 15M Switch consoles
  • Amazon’s AWS and advertising businesses are fueling its retail dominance
  • BBC Sound Effects
  • Face Recognition Commercialization
  • AR
  • new Gmail
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