• Twitter reactivated the ‘Official’ gray check for accounts that are actually verified
  • Amazon introduces ‘Sparrow’ robotic arm that can do repetitive warehouse tasks
  • Amazon’s ad revenue surpassed the money it makes from Prime, Prime Video, and its other audio and e-book subscriptions combined…Successful sellers have to spend anywhere between 10 percent and 20 percent of their sales on Amazon ads.
  • Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter
  • SoftBank Vision Fund Loses $7.2 Billion on Tech Writedowns
  • Debezium Releases Version 2.0 of Its Change Data Capture Tooldetails
  • Starlink announces 1TB monthly cap, users who go over will get slower speeds
  • Spotify is the first to launch non-Google Android billing in the US
  • …The latest Drewry composite World Container Index — a key benchmark for container prices — has fallen again to $2,773 per 40-foot container. That’s 73% lower than the peak rate in September last year
  • …Today, Spotify has more than 80 million tracks available to users to stream. In its most recent earnings report, the company touted its 456 million active users with 195 million paid subscribers across 183 markets
  • Apple’s Web Search Technology Chief Returns to Google
  • How reliant are banks and insurers on cloud outsourcing? (2020)
  • Chris Rock is set to be the first to perform live on Netflix
  • Meet Pineapple, the platform aiming to reshape professional networking for Gen Z
  • SoftBank, NEC, Sony, Toyota + more team up for Rapidus, Japan’s bid for next-gen chip domination
  • GitHub teases new Copilot feature that lets developers code with their voice
  • Apple limits AirDrop ‘Everyone’ option to 10 minutes in China
  • Elon Musk details his vision for a Twitter payments system
  • Consumer trends in digital payments
  • 2012 to 2022: What a decade of insights has taught us
  • High-Tech Cars Are Killing the Auto Repair Shop
  • 17 DevOps Metrics You Should Be Tracking
  • Studio Ghibli is teaming up with Lucasfilm


  • “The new version of AlphaZero discovered a faster way to do matrix multiplication…It’s mind-boggling to see that there are at least 14,000 ways of multiplying four-by-four matrices
  • 3 insights about finance and inflation from Google Search trends
  • Peacock grows its paid subscriber base to 15 million
  • 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report
  • WhatsApp starts blocking screenshots in beta testing for view once images and videos
  • Google Expands Its Hardware With New Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Phones
  • EU votes to force all phones to use same charger by 2024
  • “…Washington also plans to limit U.S.-made microchips from being sold to China’s most powerful supercomputing and data center projects, the people said…”
  • YouTube is asking some users to purchase a Premium subscription to watch in 4K
  • Tesla now has 160,000 customers running its Full Self Driving beta
  • Every James Bond Movie, Ranked: The Best (and Worst) of Bond
  • Liquid Death Water Startup Valued at $700 Million
  • Jiko banks $40M in Series B funding to offer companies a way to park their cash in T-bills
  • Visa partners with FTX in a bet that shoppers still want to spend cryptocurrencies in a bear market
  • Adidas looking for a reboot after CEO Rorsted steps down next year.
  • Google will open its first data center in Japan in 2023
  • How JPMorgan Chase allots its $14B IT budget
  • UK Sky Stream on the Sky Glass Platform
  • Latin America Digital Report 2022
  • Musk says Pepsi to receive Tesla’s first Semi trucks in December


  • Monese neobank announces a $35 million investment by HSBC
  • HSBC invests in Singapore’s customer intelligence and risk assessment startup
  • “…A study this year by professors at Columbia University and New York University estimated that lower tenant demand because of remote work may cut 28%, or $456 billion, off the value of offices across the US. About 10% of that would be in New York City alone…”
  • Amazon WorkSpaces Introduces Ubuntu Desktops
  • Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will freeze hiring
  • Chief Economists Outlook (World Economic Forum)
  • Uniswap Labs eyes over $100 million in new funding
  • 1st gen AirPods Pro users seeing ‘Adaptive Transparency’ option after iOS 16.1 beta update
  • Magic Leap’s smaller, lighter second-gen AR glasses are now available
  • “… Bloomberg Intelligence estimates it would take about eight years to move just 10% of Apple’s production capacity out of China, where roughly 98% of the company’s iPhones have been made ….. with China accounting for 70% of global smartphone manufacturing and leading Chinese vendors accounting for nearly half of global shipments…”
  • Introducing Spring Boot Migrator
  • JPMorgan Chase Is Phasing Out Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Pharma giant Pfizer has shelled out nearly US$120 million to acquire a small Australian company claiming to have developed a smartphone app that can accurately diagnose COVID-19 by analyzing the sound of a cough.
  • Netflix is building its own game studio
  • Cloudflare launches an eSIM to secure mobile devices
  • 7 Lessons on Dynamic Pricing (HBR)… 2017 WSJ article about dynamic pricing
  • Mapping the Unknown — The 10 Steps to Map Any Industry
  • Amazon’s Fall Device Event: Wi-Fi-Boosting Echo Speakers, a Kindle for Note-Taking and More (WSJ)
  • “…Global cloud spending is projected to reach $830.5 billion by the end of the year, up 17.5% from 2021, but slowing from last year’s growth rate of 18.3%, according to International Data Corp. It expects growth to drop to 16.3% next year…” (WSJ)
  • Microsoft says two new Exchange zero-day bugs
  • Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Banking Transformation


  • SpaceX  launched its second Falcon 9 rocket in the span of just four days
  • Amazon Air adds 12 new aircraft to its cargo fleet, expands its ground operations
  • Global smartphone shipments to fall 12% this year on virus woes: IDC
  • Volvo Plans to Offer Autonomous Highway Driving by 2022
  • Germany will require all petrol stations to provide electric car charging
  • Slack revenue growth fails to impress, shares tank
  • Dropbox is working on its own password manager
  • Two-meter distancing might halve infection risk compared to one meter
  • PWC:Industrial manufacturing trends 2020: Succeeding in uncertainty through agility and innovation
  • From Ben Evans Newsletter
    • Amazon is the fourth‑largest US delivery service and growing fast
    • Opening an account | Analysing the experience of opening 12 bank accounts
    • Facial Recognition Briefing by UK
    • COVID 19: Statistical Perspective by UN
    • 2020 CX Report


  • Google Wants to Be Handier for Handymen (WSJ)
    Google  is planning a service to connect users with plumbers, electricians, roofers and other home-service providers, according to two people familiar with the matter.
  • Apple Watch and Beats Music Unite in Pulse-Activated Playlist App, recommend tracks playing nearby based on changes in your pulse (PSFK)
  • The electric grid’s latest threat? Rooftop solar cells (QZ)
    Power-generating panels, called solar photovoltaics (PV), represent the fastest-growing source of electric power in the United States. In percentage terms, installed PV has grown four-fold over the past several years, and costs have fallen as rapidly as installations have risen.
  • Amazon Hints at Smart Home Future Through Echo Device (WSJ)
    The company is adding new capabilities to its Wi-Fi-connected speaker and virtual assistant, such as the ability to remotely operate lights and appliances. With just voice commands, for example, someone in bed could turn a television on and turn off the lights. Amazon informed Echo owners about the new services in an email Wednesday.
  • Android Creator Andy Rubin Launching Playground Global (WSJ)
    The creator of Android, the world’s largest mobile operating system, is returning to his roots in hardware.Mr. Rubin said Playground had raised $48 million from investors including Google, Hewlett-Packard Co., electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., and other tech companies. Playground won’t invest in startups, but will take equity stakes in return for its support.



Apple WWDC Event Özet

6 mio iOS  developer’ı

407 Apple Mağazası, günde 1 milyon ziyaretçi

Appstore 5 yaşında, 50 milyar download

Appstore 900 bin iPhone, 375 K iPad uygulaması

575 milyon İTunes hesabı

Developer’lara ödenen para 10 milyar dolar (diğer platformların toplamının 3 katı)

72 milyon Mac (5 senede  katına çıkmış)

Mac OS X : Mavericks (Kedi serisi sona erdi)

Yeni MacBook Air pil süreleri 11 inch 5-9 saat, 13 inch 7-12 saat

1.8 milyon iBooks

300 milyon iCloud hesabı

şu ana kadar 7.4 trilyon push mesaj gönderilmiş.

800 milyar iMessage

600 milyon iOS cihazı satılmış.

Smartphone kullanım araştırmasına göre iPhone’da kullanım süresi 75 dk, Android ortalaması 45 dk’nın üzerinde.

Mobile web trafiğinin %60’ı iOS’dan geliyor. Tablette trafiğin  %82 iPad’den

iOS6 dağılım oranı %93


Siri daha kaliteli ses

iOS Car : 2014

Apps (Yaş kategorisi eklendi)

AppStore updateleri otomatik, background’da

iTunes Radio


JWT 2013 Mobil Trendler

JWT 2013 Mobil Trend sunumunu slideshare’de yayınladı. Özet olarak

1. Maturation of M2M

Internet of Things konsorsiyumu, M2M operator işbirlikleri (NTT Docomo, Eti Salat, Telefonica)

bu konuda ortak standartların geliştirilmesi açısından önemli oluşumlar.

Özellikle şehir planlama, sağlık ve enerji sektörlerinde distruptive etkilerini görülebilir.

2. The Car As a Mobile Device

4G ve araba içindeki wifi teknolojileri, bunlarla ilgili uygulama geliştiricileri ve otomobil üreticileri arasında işbirlikleri sayesinde otomobilde cep telefonu, tablet gibi bir mobil cihaza dönüşecek. Otomobiller yeni akıllı telefonlar olarak yer alacak. 2017’de her 10 araçtan 6sı connected olarak gelecek.

3. Connecting World

şu an 3.2 milyar olan mobil abone sayısı 2018’de 4 milyar olacak.

4.    Mobile As Gateway to Opportunity

Mobil iletişimin ve internet erişiminin GSMH’ye, ekonomiye olumlu yansıması, bireysel olarak mobil cihazlarının, küçük işletmelerini daha etkin yönetecek araçlar sunması ve gelişmekte olan ülkelerde gıda fiyatlari gibi bilgilere erişimin sağlanmasında temel araç olması

5.    Revolutionizing Transactions

Ödeme aracı olarak mobilin daha fazla rol alması

2012’de cep telefonu olan 1.7 milyar insanın banka hesabı bulunmuyor ve bu kitle için 2012’de 41 servis lanse edildi. Kenya, Tanzanya ve Uganda da mobil hesabı olan abone sayısı, bankada hesabı olanların sayısından daha fazla.

6.    Gen Z: Mobile Mavens

Z kuşağı (1995 sonrası doğanlar) monolog ve tek yönlü yerine herşeyin gerçek zamanlı yapılabildiği, 2 yönlü ve diyalog halinde olduğu bir ortamda yaşıyorlar. İnsanoğlunun sahip olduğu nerdeyse tüm bilgiye ceplerinden erişebiliyorlar. tıkla bul, tıkla öğren, tıkla satın al ile büyüyor…” Paul Berney CMO MMA


7.    A Million Ways to Say Hi

Ses ve kısa mesaja ek olarak yeni mesajlaşma uygulamaları ile daha görsel, daha zengin, daha hızlı ve daha kolay iletişimde bulunabiliyorlar

Apple Facetime, Samsung Dual Video Call

Snapchat  günlük 60 milyon mesaj

Line uygulaması 120 milyon download


8.    The Disappearing Smartphone Screen

Akıllı telefon ekranının yardımcı ve giyilebilir cihazlar ile ekran kullanımın diğer cihaz ve ekranlara kayması ve bu ekranlar arası experience ve geçişlerin önemi

google gözlük, akıllı saatler, araba içi bağlantı, Siri/Google Now,
9.    Video Unleashed

Mobildeki video tüketimi ve izleme süresinin artması
10.    The Mobile-Powered Consumer

Mobil cihazların tüketicileri daha akıllı hale getirmesi, daha iyi tercihler yapmasını sağlaması

NFC, online fiyat karşılaştırma, ürünü daha önce kullananlardan sosyal ağlar üzerinden bilgi alması, ürüne not ve değerlendirme yazması

Raporda bahsedilmemiş ama Google ZMOT modeli de burda yer alabilirdi. link
11.    Mobile Device As Genie
Mobil cihazla müşterinin ihtiyaç duyduğu bilgi ya da hizmeti çok iyi bir tecrübe ile sunmak


12.    Mobile As Sixth Sense

Mobil cihazınızdaki sensörlerin size 6. duyuyu sağlaması, akıllı uyarı ve yönlendirmeler yapması (sağlık uygulamaları, context aware uygulamalar, google glass)


13.    Brands Blend 

Mobil Reklam : Privacy, Permission, preference, Context Aware,

Waze,40 milyon kullanıcı, crowdsourced trafik uygulamasi