WWDC 2017 Summary

  • 16 million registered developers (from 10 years old to 82 years old)
  • Amazon Prime is coming to Apple TV later this year
  • Apple watch will have Siri Watch face with better intelligence and Pixar Toy Story Watch faces
  • Apple Watch will have direct communication witj gym equipment, exchanging data (heartrate to gym equipment, elevation and speed data to watch)
  • new MacOS will be called High Sierra
  • Safari browser will block auto-played videos and prevent tracking, this may have implication on ad tracking and measurement
  • P2P Payment : iMessage with Apple Pay for sending and receiving money
  • Siri has 375 million active monthly users
  • Apple users take a trillion photos a year
  • iOS 11: Do Not Disturb while driving mode
  • 500 million people visit the App Store weekly
  • Apple Music :¬†27 million Music subscribers
  • App Store passed 180 billion downloads. Download rate : 149 million a day
  • App Store with new UI, curation and editorial picks of the apps will be more important and games will have separate tab.
  • ¬†ARKit is going to be powerful AR platform
  • QR code support in camera app
  • iPad Pro screen refresh rate : 120 Khz => smooter & responsive content and better experience for Apple Pen

Cannes Lion 2013 Mobile

Cannes Lions Uluslararasi Yaratıcılık Festivalinde ödül kazananlar belli oldu.

 Mobil alanında ödül alan fikirlerin youtube’da videolarından bir derleme yaptım.

Filipinlerde SMS MMS ile hazırlanan ders kitapları

 Scrabble Wifi

 Score Cleaner

 Clouds Over Cuba

 Project Silverline (Old Phone give New Life)

Second Life Apps

Third Eye – Starhub